Summit for Christ - Benefiting Cancer Awareness Climbing the highest points of all 50 States with all donations going to help those battling cancer.
Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
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New sponsor: More Effective Consulting

October 12th, 2011

Summit For A Cure would like to extend a special thank you to More Effective Consulting who is now an official sponsor.  More Effective Consulting has donated money and will financially support our organization and its climbers.  Summit For A Cure is always looking for new sponsors because the amount of money to battle cancer is staggering, and More Effective Consulting will provide a lot of impact to our recipients who continue to need immense support.  All of our sponsors provide great support and we couldn’t do it without them. 

>To learn more about More Effective Consulting, go to their web site, or our web page

>More Effective Consulting (MEC) was established by Matt Morrissette in 2004 in New Hampshire.  MEC is a full service management consulting firm helping hospitals and manufacturers (nation wide) transform their business to be more productive and profitable.  With greater than 95% repeat business and achieving at least 3 to 1 ROI (return on investment) MEC’s clients achieve radical transformations and become a leading example of continuous improvement.  MEC’s expertise is in Lean Healthcare, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Layout/flow design and process analysis.  MEC also created training products and holds workshops to teach others the best ways to improve their business.

Press Release: Welcome Matt Morrissette

October 12th, 2011

Please welcome Matt Morrissette who has partnered with Summit For A Cure (!  Matt is helping our mission to climb all 50 state high points and beyond to benefit those suffering with cancer.  Matt’s mom and step-mom are battling cancer and they really need help.  Please read their stories and donate in any way you can (  Matt is also helping our team organize many activities to come including summit’s, wrist bands and more so please, help get the word out.  We’re very happy to have Matt on our team.

Previous Donation Recipient: Kris Coffin

September 30th, 2011
Kris Coffin, a member of The Crossings Church, went to the doctor with what he thought was the flu, but within days he got the devastating
news that he had stage 3 Colon Cancer. Kris is 30 years old and has two young children. Kris is in business for himself but with having to take chemotherapy he is unable to work. We want to do everything that we can to help in this time of hurt.
Kris was diagnosed with Colon Cancer about two months ago.  He had surgery on Feb. 24th at Missouri Baptist Medical Center and the surgeon removed a foot and a half of his colon. Leading up to the surgery was long and frustarting. Finally, he got some answers after four months of extreme abdominal pain.  I found out it was cancerous two days before his surgery, the surgeon then told him that he would have to have a port put in his chest in order to receive the treatment.

About a month later the same surgeon that took out part of his colon tried to put the port in. While he was putting the port in, the surgeon accidently punctured his left lung.  So a different surgeon put the port in and he also had a chest tube in for about three days. He receives chemo once every two weeks,
the chemo will be for six months. Kris does believe that God has total control of his life and that he is cancer free as of right now. With the tumor being taken out he has a 60% chance of being cancer free already. With the chemo he has a 98% chance of surving this. Kris believes God will give him the strength to get through this and he has the full support from our church, family, and friends.

Thank you, Kris Coffin