Summit for Christ - Benefiting Cancer Awareness Climbing the highest points of all 50 States with all donations going to help those battling cancer.
Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
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Thank you for visiting!  We are an organization that helps special recipients who are battling any form of cancer.  We are made up of climbers who aim to climb all 50 state high points in america and beyond to support our special recipients.

The Morrissette Trail is now open!  It opened on May 19, 2012 and was announced at the Mont Vernon Spring Gala.  Click here for info on The Morrissette Trail.

We would like to recognize our current donation recipients, Gail Morrissette and Louise West.  For more information on donating or becoming a sponsor, click here.  Please read their stories below and support Summit For A Cure in the best way you can.  Thank you!

Donation Recipient – Gail Morrissette

Gail Morrissette lives in Massachusetts and has been battling a blood cancer (Multiple Myeloma or MM) for several years now. Gail has given inordinate love to this world, to the communities around her and most importantly to her loved ones that surround her.
Multiple Myeloma is not a cancer that has a cure today, but there are countless successes made every single day to minimize the pain and improve Gail’s strength. Please donate today. Your donation helps fund Gail’s healthcare costs and the International Myeloma Foundation for a cure.
Because of donations Gail has been able to go to the MM conference in California, been on a panel with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and have more comfortable time with family and friends. People are being cured of cancer every year, and Gail is a special one that deserves to be given a great chance to win the Multiple Myeloma battle.

Over the past few years I have noticed many successes that the MM foundation and Gail has prevailed through. She is a pillar of strength and determination with a passion to see her grandkids graduate college and get married. Only because of financial support and good will of Doctors and advocates have her results improved and given her the best quality of life.

Thank you to all the donors and thank you Gail for your inspiration!


Donation Recipient – Louise West

Louise West lives in Pensacola, Florida and is battling breast and liver cancer from a very recent diagnosis. I’ll let Cooper, her Bichon, tell you her story…

Louise has been rescuing bichon dogs (my peeps) since 1999, and giving over 12 years of aid. In June ’11, I was rescued along with 20 others in Texas by her nationwide Bichon rescue group and flown to Las Vegas to be cared for by Louise.  Imagine 20 of us in a small condo, finally getting adequate food, shelter and water?!

She adopted me, and I’m truly indebted to her. She says she adopted me because I am so sweet and I healed her broken heart. I also did a bad thing one night when I wanted to play with her…I excitedly jumped up on her while she napped and hit her in the breast area. That incident alerted her to a breast lump. She tearfully said karma and I thought she said Car Ride, but I think it means we’re even.

Louise says that she would love your prayers, help and donations. She was a believer in paying it forward as she gave inordinate service during her life. She tells me her old Girl Scout leader stories, and I like the cookie parts. For more than 20 years she has been in public service. She raised funds for many professional organizations including walk-a-thons for friends who were breast cancer survivors, served as a Rotarian and developed many community betterments as a chamber of commerce executive (such as the Machias Maine Blueberry Festival and the Margaretta Day Festival). She has 9 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren who are held close to her heart. She wants this new road she is traveling to become a source of inspiration for her next generations. Your donation provides stability and strength to help Louise overcome breast cancer and inspire others to pay it forward too.

…Cooper Bichon West